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Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature

Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature

    • Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature
    • Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature
  • Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: NANTE
    Certification: ISO9001, CE, CCC
    Model Number: JDC

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100m
    Packaging Details: Seaworthy packing
    Delivery Time: Within 14 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 1000000 meters per day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Self Extinguishing:: Class B1 Max. Voltage:: 660V
    Standard Length:: 4m Or 6m Conductor Material:: Aluminum
    Permissable Ambient Temperature:: Standsrd Insulation -20℃~+70℃ Model Number:: JDC-H52
    Poles:: Single Pole Current:: 150~3000A
    High Light:

    crane bus bar


    crane conductor bar

    Nante Mobile Electrification System Busway -Transfer Guides, NANTE JDC-H series is similar with VAHLE, Insulated Conductor System,​Single Pole Insulated Conductors Rails Jdc-H .
    Single pole conductor rail systems are a safe source of power for current capacities up to 3000 A(copper conductor up to 5000A) for many power loads that are predominantly subjected to rough operation, e.g., traveling cranes, loading bridges, container handling equipment, monorail systems, coking machinery, electric hoists, etc.
    Detailed Product Description
    The JDC-H conductor rail system is a modern power supply system using single pole insulated conductor rails. It complies with the latest regulations and provides the electric energy for material handling equipments such as overhead cranes.
    The aluminum conductor rail is provided with a proven and patented stainless steel contact surface. Any numbers of poles can be installed vertically or horizontally, on straight or curved systems.
    The entire conductor rail system can be installed indoor or outdoor. It is insulated conforming to Current Safety Regulations. Ground insulation cover is marked yellow-green on one side over the entire length of the rail.
    R Type: for curves R≥1200mm.
    Approved and listed by: CCC, ISO9001 and CE.
    The ranges of applications of JDC Insulated Conductor System:

    1. Overhead and elongated tracks for cranes. 
    2. Electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems, monorail systems.
    3. Monorail systems.
    4. Other applications for supplying power to moving power load.

    Design features

    1. Compact and flexible arrangement for poles.
    2. High safety insulation housing, corrosion resistance.
    3. Easy and exact mounting with multiple supporting bracket.
    4. Easy installation.
    5. Variation in temperature, large power available.

    Generally, the housing line is in green and ground line in yellow-green. Standard length is 4m or 6m, other sections are available.
    Snap-in joint splices provide mechanical and electrical continuity. Insulated protection covers are included.
    Feed Sets:
    End feeds or line feeds are available.
    End Caps:
    The open ends of the conductor are closed by end caps.
    Standard brackets for conductor attachment to crane girders are available. Conductor is with sliding and fix point hangers.
    Standard distance between suspension appoints for indoor and outdoor installations: 1500mm to 2000mm.
    Expansion Section:
    The Expansion sections are required to compensate the different expansions between copper conductors and steel-or concrete structures, in varying temperatures without interrupting electrical power.
    Expansion joints are used when the Powerail length between feeds, curves, switches or other fix points is exceeding 20m. Install expansion joint according to actually installation.
    Isolating Section:
    Isolating sections are required if parts of the system or individual rails are to be de-energized within a conductor rail system. To prevent a voltage bridging by current collector two air gap isolating sections should be installed.
    The current collectors are made of carbon brush, reinforced nylon and galvanized or spray-paint metal material. Spring loaded carbon brushes maintain uniform contact. Connecting cables and hinged or flexible towing arms included. Double Current collectors for transfer applications and higher amperage are available.
    Extinguishing Crane Bus Bar Single Pole Variation In Temperature 0
    Technical Parameters

    Model Type Conductor material Cross section(mm²) Nominal current (A) Leakage-distance (mm) Resistance Dimensions (H * W) Weight(kg)
    JDC-H-100/150 H19 Aluminum 100 150 35 or 80 0.376 25*19 0.46
    JDC-H-160/250 H24 Aluminum 160 250 45 or 80 0.203 32*24 0.63
    JDC-H-180/300 H24 Aluminum 180 300 45 or 80 0.187 32*24 0.71
    JDC-H-230/320 H32 Aluminum 230 320 80 0.153 42*32 0.96
    JDC-H-285/500 H32 Aluminum 285 500 80 0.116 42*32 1.13
    JDC-H-360/630 H32 Aluminum 360 630 80 0.087 42*32 1.38
    JDC-H-420/800 H32 Aluminum 450 800 80 0.067 42*32 1.5
    JDC-H-550/1000 H32 Aluminum 550 1000 80 0.058 42*32 1.83
    JDC-H-600/1250 H32 Aluminum 600 1250 80 0.046 42*32 2.01
    JDC-H-700/1250 H52 Aluminum 700 1250 100 0.043 66*52 2.58
    JDC-H-1100/1600 H52 Aluminum 1100 1600 100 0.037 66*52 3.65
    JDC-H-1350/2500 H52 Aluminum 1350 2000 100 0.028 66*52 4.32
    JDC-H-1600/2500 H52 Aluminum 1600 2500 100 0.018 66*52 4.99
    JDC-H-2000/3000 H52 Aluminum 2000 3000 100 0.015 66*52 6.07


    JDC-H Conductor Rail System
    Conductor Rail Material Aluminum Copper Stainless steel
    Type H19 H24 H32 H35 H52 H19 H24 H32 H52 H19
    Nominal current at 150 250-300 320-1250



    150-500 500-800 800-1600 1250-5000 25
    100%DC and 35°C(A)
    DC resistance(Ω/km) 0.376 0.203-0.187 0.153-0.046 0.153- 0.067 0.043- 0.015 0.376- 0.156 0.116-0.067 0.067-0.039 0.036-0.007 11.652
    Impedance(Ω/km) 0.381 0.209-0.195 0.155-0.048 0.155- 0.069


    0.377- 0.158 0.118-0.069 0.069-0.040 0.038-0.008 11.663
    Distance between each suspension bracket (m) 1.5 1.5 1.8 1.8 2 1.5 1.5 1.8 2 1.5
    Rail Length/PC (m) 4.5 6 6 6 6 4.5 6 6 6 4.5
    Housing Length/PC (m) 4.42 5.88 5.83 5.83 5.75 4.42 5.88 5.83 5.75 4.42
    Max. voltage (v) 660v Dielectric strength (kv/mm) 30-40
    Travelling speed ≤600m/min Design and Manufacturing Standard GB7251.2-2006
    Expansion joint Cannot exceed 200m length
    Flame retardant Class B1-no flaming particles, self-extinguishing
    Permissible Ambient temperature Standard insulation -30°C- +70°C|High temperature insulation -20°C- +115°C|Low temperature insulation -40°C- +85°C


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